Citizen feedback Questionnaire
Action Plan taken by BBMP to clean Bellandur Lake
Star Rating for Garbage Free Cities - Flyer
To View Council Proceedings on 27/12/2018 click the Link
Plastic Ban Proceedings and order
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Potholes filled details in BBMP limits
Public Notice - Issused by The Commissioner BBMP for unauthorised advertisements being displayed within the limits of BBMP - Prohibition reg.
Public Notice - Permission Letter



  • Keep our city, Bengaluru, Clean and Green.
  • Solid Waste Management Awareness Jingles
  • Segregate waste and dispose.
  • Be a Responsible Citizen and pay your Property Tax in time through our website,  Property Tax online.
  • Delayed payment of Property Tax results in Penal interest @2% per month and @24% per annum.

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