Dear Citizens,

Hearty Greetings and Wishes from BBMP !

It is a proud moment for BBMP to announce that BBMP has developed a GIS based Property Tax System covering whole BBMP jurisdictional area, as part of this System BBMP has provided a unique Property Identification Number (PID) to each & every Property in Bangalore. The PID Number is a combination of Ward number- Street Number-Plot number. A unique street number has been assigned to each and every Street and within the street a property number has been assigned .

The above system was launched by Hon'ble Chief Minister of Karnataka on 2nd March 2012.

The validation of the Properties with vital statistics such as owner name, Address of the property etc is being carried out by Revenue Officials of BBMP and is in near completion, as the new assessment year for property collection is beginning on 1st April2012, BBMP has decided to share the updated information with a web based search engine which will provide New PID for each property. However if the search engine doesn't provide you the New PID , this may be due to the final validation being carried out.As soon as this validation process is completed, the details of your New PID will be updated in the Website.

It is requested that citizens shall mention new PID for all property related transactions in future.



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