GIS Enabled Property Tax Information System (hereafter referred as GEPTIS) is a BBMP Internal portal that provides comprehensive mapping of all properties within BBMP jurisdiction. System has been developed to establish a GIS based database along with specific applications and update facility relating to properties, streets with ward and zone boundaries. It provides features to map Tax-paying properties with unique PIDs (Property Identifiers) and associate up-to date Property Tax collection details as layers of information on GIS map. The system becomes necessary to improve efficiency in assessing expected revenue collection, information on defaulters, comprehensive view of property usage, properties not yet into Tax net etc.

With an aim to establish public participatory system, GEPTIS provides functionalities to Citizen for viewing their properties on GIS Map. Citizen to complete one-time registration to get access to the system and then may view property details. Optionally citizen may submit feedback to Revenue Department about any corrections to mapping and about changes to the property details with regard to usage such as commercial use vs residential use.

BBMP has established a Digital Address System for all properties within BBMP. Properties are given a unique GPS based 7 Digit Identifier called DiGi7. It will be simple and effective compared to traditional address system. Based on GIS Based Property Information System, Tax paying property owner details are mapped to these DiGi7. Using DiGi7 Mobile App, Property Owners can find DiGi7 for their property, they can use and share the same for navigation assistance.


GEPTIS public view is a beta version. BBMP Revenue Department Officials have extensively reviewed and updated the system to make corrections where required. Most of the tax records have been already mapped to GEPTIS system. However there may be few entries which may need further verification and update. We request citizen / property owners to verify and inform for any omissions or error in data.