Type in the url: bbmp.gov.in/geptis
Suggested Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer with versions higher than 10
Application has responsive web pages and works well on most the smart phone browsers.

Go to Login page, click on Register

To enter Name of the user, mobile number

Click on Get OTP. System will send OTP through SMS to the mobile number given. It is suggested to use mobile number updated at BBMP

Online Tax Payment System.

Enter password – Recommended to use password with minimum 6 characters having combination of Alphabets, numbers and one special character

Enter mobile number as Username and type in the password as shown in below screen
In the login page, click on forgot password, enter the registered mobile number. System will ask for answer for users secret question and if it matches, password would be reset and sent as SMS to the mobile number.

On successful login, a map view is presented. Properties are represented as plots (or polygons) on the map. System will display list of one or more properties with PID, wherever the logged in user's registered mobile number matches with Online Tax payment system.

Click on PID will point your property on the Map and displays all of the details for the property.

Citizen may search properties by entering valid PID or SAS application number.
Note: Properties not matching with mobile number treated as viewing of others property. In such cases property details such as usage, latest tax paid amount etc are displayed. Property owner name may not be displayed.
During one session, a logged in user may be restricted to view the details for certain number of properties which BBMP may configure as needed.
Citizen may raise feedback on their property or with regard to other properties. On view property details, click on feedback.
Select the subject such as about accuracy of mapping or about usage details on the property. Fill in the comments and submit.
On submission request sent to concerned ARO Office for necessary actions. User would receive the confirmation through a SMS.
Note: In order to complete the action on feedback or public concern, respective property owner would be directed to reach required ARO office or Ward office with necessary documents.
Disclaimer: GEPTIS public view is a beta version. BBMP Revenue Department Officials have extensively reviewed and updated the system to make corrections where required. Most of the tax records have been already mapped to GEPTIS system. However there may be few entries which may need further verification and update. We request citizen / property owners to verify and inform for any omissions or error in data.
• In some cases details on the online Tax records may not be sufficient to accurately locate a property in a ward.
• There may be multiple / duplication SAS application numbers for same property exists in Property Tax system.
• Tax records for newly formed layouts or properties for which map to be updated to create new polygons may be still in progress in terms of map update.
• In some cases, view on google map may show slight shift of location. This is expected as timing of maps refresh by Google and at BBMP GIS would be always different.
• In some cases, assigned PIDs may change with a different one till GEPTIS verification and correction process is complete.