Office Order-Implementation of Road topping & Tendersure


                 02-06-2003 (Government Order)           

01-07-2013 (Palike Circular)

  28-12-2015 (Palike Circular)


Revenue Circulars

Revenue Circulars 

Circular regarding B-register

CMC Khatha Clarification 

Improvement Charges 

Khatha Amalgamation 

Khatha Clarification 

Naming of Roads, Parks, etc... Government notification 


Sl No.


Circular no/IO Note






Strengthening of tasks carried out at Officers of Assistant Revenue Officers under Revenue Department of BBMP  




Town Planning Ciruclars

Commencement Certificate (CC) Fee Circular dated 22-05-2019 Safety of Building Costructions near HT Line Dt: 24.6.19
Notification-Ease of doing Business Action Plan-Updating Site inspection report within 48 hours of site inspection Telecom Towers Permission Delegation of power to Town Planning Section Dt:17.6.19
Guidelines to implementation ease of doing business policy in building plan proposals Tank-Lake Buffer SC order to be followed Dt:19.3.19
Implementation of NGT Orders in approved layouts. NGT SC Judgement             (CIVIL APPEAL NO. 5016 OF 2016) Dt:05-03-2019
Collection of Lake rejuvenation fees. Relinquishment of Road  Widening Area Dt:29.2.16
Govt. Notification dated: 19-01-2016 to install sewerage treatment plants (STP) in Buildings/Development Projects  

 Guidelines to be followed for considering width of Road while deciding FAR

 Commencement Date to identify unauthorized buildings

 Competent Authority to take action against Building Deviations

Controlling Deviations, Unauthorized and Illegal Buildings

 Delegation of Powers for Plan Sanction

 Fire Safety Notification

 Labor Cess orders

Letter to BWSSB and BESCOM


Providing Information on unused and Recyclable materials at all offices/departments of BBMP 

Circular regarding construction of unauthorized/illegal within limits of BBMP 

Release of payment for BBMP Officer/Employee/Pourakarmika 29-07-2015 

Action to be carried out at Vacant Sites for Clearance of Garbage, Debris at Vacant Sites under BBMP limits as per KMC act.

List Of Nodal Officers SWM 

Biometric Fingerprint Authenticator 

Action to be taken for unauthorized buildings/violated constructions by BBMP

Revision of tax for Paying  Guest

Division of plans, dated 29-06-2015

Nagarothan 2014-15 Award Works 

Ward wise Reservation List 

Circular regarding Akrama Sakrama 

HMIS and MCTS workshop-19-02-2015

DTF second round pulse polio -18-02-2015

Circular regarding procedure to be followed by BBMP Revenue Dept to issue Khatha transfer, Bifurcation, Amalgamation for the newly added properties as recommended from Local Bodies.

Appointment of Officers/Employees Team for implementing New Pension Scheme in BBMP

Karnataka Civil Services (Stenograph) Amendment Rules 2013

Availing Important information and circulars pertaining to all departments of BBMP published in the official website of BBMP for the citizens of Bangalore

Circular regarding GIS based Roads work History, OFC and Road Cutting System in BBMP

Technical committee formation regarding BBMP Bifurcation 

Appointment of Nodal officer for BBMP Bifurcation 

Recruitment for post Deputy Public Relation Officer 

Collection of Improvement Charges in BBMP

Public Notice Regarding Tree Cutting

Notification regarding Road widening

Circular regarding SWM

Ward Committee Gazette

Important Circular regarding Road Digging

Public Notice Regarding Tree Cutting

Circular regarding Plan sanction

Circular regarding OFC Installation

Notification Regarding Vajarahalli Main Road

Black List Company

Circular regarding Mobile e-Governance Android Mobile Phones

Important Circular regarding SWM

Circular regarding SWM

Circular regarding Name Boards in front of office

Circular regarding wearing Employee ID Card in office hours

Circular regarding wearing Employee ID Card and Uniform for Group D Employees

Delegation of Powers for plan sanction to Asst Executive Engineers.

Circular regarding Citizen Services

Circular regarding revision of automatic plan sanction.

Office order on prevention of unauthorized construction violating BBMP building plan.

Circular regarding permission for road cutting during plan sanction.

Office order on delegation of powers to Assistant executive engineers for plan sanction.

Ban on use of plastic below 40 micron in BBMP limits.

Resource Mobilization in Revenue Department

Delegation of powers on issuance of Trade License

Maintenance of Footpath

Utilization of Budget 2010-11 allocation

Guidelines on Footpath construction

Delegation of powers of Commissioner regarding regulation of building plan violation in BBMP limits

Preservation of plan sanctioned files from 30 years to 50 years

Patholes filling

Renewal of work codes

Measures to be taken up during rainy season